Vikram E. Chhatre
Population Genomics & Computational Biology

New Summer Program - 2020 Wyoming Summer of Code

As part of Wyoming INBRE Bioinformatics Core’s offering, I have developed a 14-week long summer program in biological informatics. This will be a weekly meeting of coding enthusiasts (2 hours each week) who are at intermediate or advanced level. The major themes of this 2020 Summer of Code are:

  • Stastical Analysis: R workflows, Base-R graphics vs advanced libraries, Adopting Tidyverse, and creating your first R package.

  • Data Management: From office suits to plain text files - future proof your work, Best practices for efficiently organizing and managing your data.

  • Publishing: Functional and elegant looking documents with Markdown, RMarkdown and LaTeX, Automatic bibliographies and table of contents in LaTeX, From Powerpoint and Keynote to web based, highly customizable, light weight slide shows.

  • Improving Web Presence: GitHub websites, code repositories, proper etiquette for asking scientific questions on various forums.

Program Announcement and Further Information