Vikram E. Chhatre
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This twitterbot was discontinued in the light of discouraging developments at Twitter in Fall 2022. I am currently thinking about alternatives but haven’t made up my mind yet. Please feel free to write to me on this matter.

@popgen_papers is a twitterbot (read: robot) which creates a feed of latest papers in population genetics and genomics both from peer-reviewed journals and preprint servers. Since it first came online, nearly 9,000 publications have been reported.

However, there is a glaring problem associated with this listing. The search algorithm that retrieves papers from various web hosts is far from perfect. After all it is too simplistic based only on a few keywords. What’s infinitely worse is that I have unfortunately lost the control of the main engine that this service uses (, which means I am unable to refine the searches.

What this means for the end user: Essentially, @popgen_papers is like a ship without navigation. I can either shut it down completely or come up with something better.

This page is currently a placeholder for replacing this twitterbot with something better. If you have somehow ended up on this page, bookmark it or follow me on GitHub so I can keep you in the loop.