Vikram E. Chhatre
Population Genomics & Bioinformatics



Computers in Biology (MOLB 4485/5485)

I co-taught this five week long short-course for senior undergraduates from Fall 2017 through 2019. It involved five fully hands on modules that introduced students to a range of topics covering basics of the commandline to advanced concepts such as phylogeny reconstruction and variant analysis. The course contents are archived at


R Data visualization

This workshop was delivered at NIH INBRE Western Regional Meeting in Jackson, Wyoming in November 2017. Parts of this workshop were also delivered at Sheridan College in Wyoming.

Reproducible Data Analysis & Teaching

What is reproducible research and why should I care? How will this help with my teaching or learning? Whether you are a teacher, researcher or a student, our workshop will help you address these questions in a practical manner. In this fully hands-on workshop, we will begin by introducing some example R packages and functions that will streamline your data analysis and help you produce publication quality graphics. During the second half, we will learn and practice tools for fully documenting your work by maintaining a complete history of your edits and changes. This could be a data analysis pipeline, code for making a figure, draft of a manuscript, a term paper or a project report which you could produce in any downstream format you want. Finally you will learn how to easily and quickly publish your work online, either privately or for sharing with your collaborators.

GitHub Repo:

Workshop delivered at NIH IDeA Conference in Las Vegas on October 7, 2019.