Vikram E. Chhatre
Population Genomics & Computational Biology

Further Reading - Forest Health Talk at Sheridan Museum

1. Prominent Scientists

Below is a list of scientists in that are active in the field of improving forest health. This is by no means a complete listing of all professionals involved in this pursuit. The list remains a work in progress and the names appear in no particular order.

- Steve Strauss, Professor of Forest Biotechnology at Oregon State University

  • Forest Biotechnology Laboratory Website

  • Prof. Strauss is a pioneer in the field of forest tree biotechnology and was instrumental in the development of transgenic trees in the United states. He maintains a vigorous research program and is a strong advocate of using biotechnology to improve forest health.

- William Powell, Professor of Forest Biology at SUNY

- Sally Aitken, Professor of Forest and Conservation Sciences at UBC

  • UBC Faculty Website

  • Prof. Aitken is a longstanding forest conservation geneticists and one of the scientists at the forefront of this field. She has been a major driving force in devising/testing methods for assisted migration in forest tree species.

  • Aitken’s twitter handle is SallyNAitken

- David Neale, Professor Emeritus of Plant Sciences at UC Davis

  • Neale Lab Website

  • Prof. Neale directed the complete genome sequencing of the first conifer (Pinus spp.) His lab has since been involved in producing the genome sequence of multiple other conifer as well as angiosperm tree species, most notably Redwood and Walnut.

- Ronald Sederoff, Professor Emeritus of Forest Biotechnology at NC State Univ.

  • Prof. Sederoff is also an elected member of the National Academy of Sciences: Brief Biography

  • Prof. Sederoff led a long career as an experimental geneticist and biotechnologist working primarily in tree improvement.

2. Institutions

- The American Chestnut Foundation

4. Reports, White Papers, and Scientific Articles